A Kimono elevating urban landscapes

In the last 20 years, the kimono has undergone something of a revival in the fashion scene. Thanks to the advance of gender neutrality, this genderless garment has found a new appeal. 

Meet Y. & Sons, a major player in the modern rise of the Kimono, located in Tokyo’s Kanda district. Y. & Sons is a direct affiliate of Kimono Yamato, who has over 100 years of kimono craftsmanship.

“We want to incorporate Japanese dressing styles into our daily wardrobes, so we mix things up.” Said, President Takayuki Yajima. “Urban landscapes are completed with fashion”

A Kimono requires time and focus to wear, you pay attention to your behavior while you wear it. The obis and other accessories make it great to combine styles and express yourself. And it makes a big statement of culture and fashion. It’s fabric textures and feel against the skin make the time and focus invested worthwhile.

Norwegian tailor and co-creator of “Norwegian Rain”, T-Michael, has teamed up with Y. & Sons for a new take on the classic kimono. The “T-Kimono” now in its sixth installment.

T-Michael and Takayuki Yajima

T-Kimono aims to introduce the kimono and the Haori coat in a new modern way as a wardrobe staple and not just as a ceremonial garment. 

A Kimono with the right accessories can bring out your personality. And make a clear statement of multicultural awareness, while valuing tradition.

The time it takes to wear it and the posture you must hold to keep it in place can bring you a newfound sense of self-control and fulfillment. 

That is the idea that Y. & SONS wants to launch in the world.
Find out more on their website yandsons.com.

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