The perfect single-flower vase

I’d love to learn the craft of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements) but it’s always hard to find the time to get started. These vases would make it easy to get started with simple “ichirin zashi” (single-flower arrangements). Simply pin the vase to the wall and collect a few flowers / branches from your neighborhood and you’re done.

Photos by Tokinoha

The round shaped TUKU:MARU. Photo by Tokinoha.

The cylinder shaped TUKU:TUTU. Photo by Tokinoha.

The classic vase for “ichirin zashi” is made of bamboo by which the TUKU:TUTU was inspired.

These vases are made by Tokinoha, a small group of ceramic craftsmen from Kyoto. The founders are the siblings Kiyomizu Daisuke and Tomoe. The name “Kiyomizu” carries meaning and weight in the ceramics world, because the family is related to the Kiyomizu temple at which the famous Kiyomizu ware was established.

Kiyomizu Daisuke at the turntable and his sister Tomoe in the back. Photo by Tokinoha.

Traditional “Kiyomizu ware”. Photos by Japan Brand.

It’s history began approximately 400 years ago. These potteries were used to entertain the aristocratic elites of Kyoto. The style nowadays is so representative of Kyoto that it’s more often called “Kyo ware” these days.

You can visit their studio / shop slightly outside of Kyoto.

The Tokinoha shop.

TEL: 075-632-8722
Hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed on Wednesdays

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