Ready Setta Go: Artisan sandals for the summer season

With the hot summer months around the corner, Design Setta Sango is a fashionable alternative to the ever so common flip flop. Inspired by Japanese designs as well as more pop prints, the variety of colors, designs and textures assures that there is something for everyone. 

The colorful variations of Setta (left) with adorable kids collections (right).

The setta sandal is known in Japan as traditional footwear worn with kimonos for celebratory events, however in recent years it has transformed into a more common piece that fits perfectly into Western fashion trends. 

Setta sendals with leather sole
Kids setta with rubber sole

Unlike the Zori sandal which have soles made of straw or wood, Setta sandals were introduced with a leather sole under the straw layer to give it a waterproof feature. This leather sole made the sandal more durable, strengthening it against the humidity of Japanese summers. 

The health benefits associated with the Setta sandals are also what makes it so loved. With a fit that resembles being barefoot, Settas are said to increase blood circulation, strengthen the arch of the foot and absorb body weight more evenly than the typical sandal, thus helping to stabilize balance and posture. 

With fewer and fewer artisans in Nara who specialize in making Setta sandals, the shoe is becoming harder to find. By joining the highest level of craftsmanship with new materials, designs and ideas, Design Setta Sango continues to innovate and uphold their brand of over a hundred years. No longer footwear worn only by kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers, Setta is gaining traction in the sphere of contemporary lifestyle and fashion. 

Making of setta

Regardless of how dynamic the trends are for new, fashionable summer shoes, we hope that the Setta sandal will remain a classic,  keeping people grounded for the years to come. 

Click here to see how Setta sandals are made, and be sure to take a look at their official webpage (it is in english!) for information on new releases. 

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy during this period of unease. Let us know what content you’d like to see from us through any of our social medias #stayhome

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