A capsule hotel made out of cypress wood

Japan is known for its “Capsule Hotels” but newly opened one in Nara stands out. Often the hotels have very little to do with craftsmanship but the “Nara Forest Hotel” is different. This hotel’s signature is the generous use of Japanese cypress carefully integrated in each guest room, the entrance are and even in the beautiful details of the ceiling.

Look inside the capsule. Photo by nara-hotel.jp.

Cypress can be found in many historical buildings in Nara and across Japan, one of them being the oldest wood structure Goju-no-to (The five-storied Pagoda) that dates back 1300 years.

The material is extremely durable, act as a insect repellant and has disinfecting qualities. It is also known for its relaxing aroma which is why it can often be found in baths.

Reception area of Nara no Mori. Photo by nara-hotel.jp.

While the hotel is known for it’s reasonable capsules (starting at ¥4,800), they also have rooms for 4 people with bunk-beds (starting at¥14,000) and private rooms for 2 people (starting at ¥11,600).

Entrance of the hotel (left). Bunk-bed room for 4 people (right). Photo by nara-hotel.jp.

The hotel is conveniently located 2min from the Kintetsu Nara station and within walking distance from the popular sightseeing spot Nara park. You can visit their site for more information, call them, contact them via email or book online if you read Japanese.

Nara no Mori Hotel
TEL 0742-23-0840 (between 10am – 8pm)
Motoike Bldg., 3F(front desk), 31-1 Tsunofuri-cho,
Nara-shi, Nara, 630-8224, Japan

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