Donuts & delightful design in Kyoto

Past March a new organic donut shop Koe Donuts opened its doors that immediately caught my eye due to its high quality design starting from the branding through to it’s interior design. No surprise when I found out that the creative team behind it included star architect Kuma Kengo, award-winning art director Kawakami Shun and illustrator Nagaba Yu.

This donut shop is the third “Koe”-branded business all of which are ruled by it’s principle of “being ethical”.

The donuts are handmade from scratch in the kitchen and use local and organic ingredients that are being carefully introduced on it’s own web page.

Home-made organic wheat flour
“Bitamago” eggs from Miyama Kyoto
Donuts are fried in Japanese rice bran oil

Koe Donuts Kyoto
557 Nakano-cho, Shinkyogoku-dori Shijo-agaru, Nakagyoku, Kyoto 604-8042.

Opening hours: 8am-20pm
Directions: 1 minute walk from Hankyu-kyoto Line “Kawaramachi Station” Exit 9

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