Kawara roof tiles reinvented

Kawara are the roof tiles that define the historical cityscapes of places such as Kyoto. Yasuhiro Ichinose, the successor of a family business specializing in traditional roof tiles that has recently celebrated it’s 100th anniversary, is looking to expand the scope of kawara products beyond roofs.

Traditional roofs using Kawara tiles.

Yasuhiro has been involved in projects abroad (one of them being with the University of Yale for a “Japanese Tea Gate Project”) and during that time he started thinking about other ways of bringing the qualities of the Kawara material closer to the people outside of Japan. These motivations were the beginning of the new brand Icci Kawara Products that he started with renowned graphic designer Hirock most known for his work with fashion brand “A Bathing Ape” aka “Bape”.

The Japanese Kawara go back 1400 years and can be easily recognized by it’s silver black metallic color. Even today they are made with water, fire and soil and maybe it is that simplicity that has made them endure time.

Icci uses the material in its purest form which is a simple mix of water, fire and soil. The technology dates back over 1400 years and is still beloved today, probably because of its robustness, beautiful silver black color and it’s timeless simplicity.

Icci focuses on applying the material to products that can easily be integrated into daily life. The first collection consists of coasters, containers, interior ornaments and plates.

The second collection focuses on breakfast and includes cups, coffee strainer, coffee utensil stand and more.

You can follow them on Instagram on visit their official site (only in Japanese).

Photos by Icci Kawara Products.

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