A cafe changing perception of traditional craft

Housed in a 90 year old building registered as tangible cultural property, Kaikado Cafe is a hidden gem in Kyoto, displaying parts of Japan’s rich cultural history and appreciation for long lasting craftsmanship  .

Originally a brand specializing in handcrafted canisters from tin plates imported from England following the Meiji Restoration, the brand has evolved and diversified, offering a spectrum of tin goods from traditional tea caddies to confectionary holders and pasta caddies. 

With more than 130 steps in the process to make each caddy, Kaikado’s products are a quintessential example of Japan’s emphasis on creating long lasting products. Each product is made with the intention of long term usage, as guests can enjoy watching the color and sheen of their canisters will change over time. A new love for the same caddy through its transformation is one of the reasons why Kaikado’s crafts have been recognized as both durable and beautiful.

Through functionality, quality and timeless beauty, Kaikado aims to remove the stigma around traditional crafts to make it more approachable. In addition, Kaikado offers a repair service for dents and any other scratches, to ensure the canister’s sleek beauty and airtight feature.

The tea canisters patina over time. A perfect embodiment of Wabi-Sabi.

At Kaikado cafe, guests can select from a wide variety of drinks spanning from Japanese teas to Postcard teas from London, as well as original blend coffees. Having collaborated with Nordic designer Thomas Lykke from studio OeO to design the cafe, what was once an old warehouse was completely redone to give the space a warmer feel. The brass lamps designed by OeO and made by Kaikado are also one of the focal points of the cafe, showing the beauty of cross cultural collaboration.

In an age overflowing with single use products, Kaikado Cafe is a place to realize that maybe the best products are those that withstand the test of time. 

Kaikado will be featured in the upcoming Pieces of Japan documentary and will be available for a limited edition collection soon. Be sure to check out @pieceofjapan and sign up for our weekly newsletter for more information on our products and craft stories.

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