A residence in Kagoshima

Kagoshima is not an easy place to build considering the many natural factors such as occasional volcanic eruptions, strong winds during typhoon season as well as the strong summer sun that need to be considered.

This house designed by Yanase Architects solves for the many challenges with a beautiful deep roof protecting this one-story building from all sides. Since the house is located in an up and coming residential neighborhood the additional fence helps maintain the privacy of it’s residence while allowing for well lit rooms through large windows.

Completion: 2012
Lot size: 660.22 ㎡
Building size: 289.42 ㎡

Private entrance
Beautiful entrance area with traditional sliding doors
Loving how the roof plays an important role inside and out. The wood room dividers similar to the entrance can be found in many areas of the house as well.
Deep roof protects the inside from strong sunlight, ash and wind.

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