Residence Jo – Three renovated Kyoto machiya turned into Airbnb

Last time I visited Kyoto I had the pleasure of receiving a tour of a newly renovated machiya turned into Airbnb by the architect Seiichi Takeuchi (@schrtkch on Instagram). Takeuchi-san has worked under star architect Ando Tadao for many years and has recently established his own practice in Osaka. Attracted to the interesting businesses flourishing in the old capital he is planning to move to Kyoto in the near future.

The residence is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in the Nijo area. The facade is painted in this beautiful dark grey / black color mostly maintaining a traditional look and feel except for the contemporary entrance.

Facade of Residence Jo in Nijo, Kyoto

When entering the first unit you are welcomed by a living area in form of a loft facing a small inner courtyard. Next to it is a compact dining and kitchen space and in the back you’ll find a typical Japanese “Unit-Bath” bathroom area.

Loft facing small courtyard.

Upstairs you’ll find the bedroom with a tatami room next to it that can be used for additional guests.

Upstairs bedroom
Tatami room next to bedroom

The courtyard separates the first unit from a more compact but just as aesthetically pleasing second unit.

Immediately upon entering the back unit a contemporary bathroom will greet you separated by a wood structure from the bedroom.

Bedroom of second unit

You can book this residence on Airbnb for approx. $400 per night. There are two more units in the city that you can book if this one isn’t available. One is located closest to the downtown Shijo area (book here) and the other can be found a bit more south but close to the Kamo river (book here).

Residence closest to downtown Shijo area
Residence by the Kamo river

You can also visit their official website which is in Chinese but shows you a nice overview of all three residences.

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