Grand opening in Kyoto: Japan’s Art and Tools Shop

Kyoto is seemingly hot these days. On a hilly path near the golden temple Kiyomizu-dera, a new art and tools shop just had a grand opening. The entrance reads “Japan’s Art and Tools Shop Nittodo” on a traditional Japanese shop curtain sign.

I get excited with this type of shop typically known as “zakkaya” or a shop of “zakka,” which refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance as well as items of contemporary handicraft.

Nittodo was founded by Nitoms, who is known to have made a famous self adhesive carpet cleaner “Korokoro” (An onomatopoeia of what the roller would sound against the carpet) 35 years ago. It literally looks like a lint remover that we know of with rolled up adhesive but the handle positioned differently to roll on the carpet easily (view Korokoro). The CEO of Nitoms, Tai Tanaka explains that he wanted people to learn about Nitoms for its mission in making products for everyday living. The creative director of good design company, Manabu Mizuno focused on what Nitoms is –  a company of superior technology and original product idea – to establish the brand theme “Japan technology” for Nittodo. This shop is the place to discover Japan made “nice products” for everyday that surfaces not only traditional crafts but also other great products created through innovative technology.

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You can find variety of tapes made by Nitoms but also “Stalogy” completely directed by good design company as well as everyday items selected by Kenro Okuma from Claska Gallery and Shop. What’s even more exciting is finding a cafe stand “KYOTO COFFEE” that you can enjoy and while walking up to a clean space on the second floor. In the center of the space, you will see a glass tea room “Bian” as well as Yasaka Pagoda through the window.

Photo by Norio Kidera

“KYOTO COFFEE” – A cafe stand on the 1st floor along with various items and tools for everyday life style.

Photo by Norio Kidera

Nitosms’ HARU Stuck-on design; won Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017. Japanese patterned version are available only at Nittodo.

Photo by Norio Kidera

You can enjoy multi-purpose space on the 2nd floor with coffee. Renovation of Machiya style architecture done by Takao Katsuta of LINE-INC.


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