A rooftop farm in the center of downtown Kyoto

If you are a foodie and love Japan, you might have heard of the term “Kyoyasai” which means “Kyoto vegetable” and is used to describe heirloom vegetables from the Kyoto prefecture. According to research the vegetables have more minerals, fibers and vitamins compared to regular vegetable and they also have a much richer taste which is why they are often cooked with no seasoning at all or as little as possible.

Now if you’re interested in getting really good ingredients for a nice dinner a place to visit is Kyoto Yaoichi Honkan. Initially it looks like a simple upscale supermarket where you get one of the best vegetables, meats and more, but hidden on the roof you’ll find a beautiful farm in the midst of the big city.

You can enjoy the farm to table food served in the restaurant while looking out onto the farm. They are open daily and only 4 blocks from downtown Kyoto (Google Maps).

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