Black tea and cookies in the tea capital of Japan

A new tea house called Uji-Kochakan recently opened in Uji, the tea capital of Japan. They specialize in black teas, 30 varieties to be exact, that come with cookies in multiple flavors or a beautiful.

On their menu is this beautiful 30mm thick pancake with an original sauce that is not at all their focus but since I’m a sucker for pancakes I just had to highlight it.

What’s interesting is that this is a cafe specializing in black tea while green tea, specifically Matcha is what’s famous for the region. Uji is where the Japanese tea culture originated when Eisai, a monk who brought buddhism to Japan, brought back green tea from China. There’s an amazing tea field tour in this area that I’ll write about in a separate post.

You can follow them on Instagram or check out their website.

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