Rare video & audio footage of life in Kyoto in 1929

A popular YouTube channel Guy Jones recently posted video footage of life in Kyoto in 1929. While it isn’t uncommon to find video footage of that time, it is rare for them to include sounds.

There are various scenes during the video that you can skip to:

0:07 – Street markets (Apr 9)
3:04 – Children feeding pigeons at Toji Shrine (June 25)
4:07 – Cherry Blossom festival (Apr 13)
5:56 – Kimono girls playing games (June 27)
7:10 – Rice cake vendors (June 10)
8:49 – Musical performance (Apr 14)
10:00 – Shinto parade and activities (Apr 9)
13:17 – Religious ceremonies (Buddha part actually in Kamakura)

Fun fact: Nintendo at that time was already 40 years old. Back then the company was making FortyNine Playing Card’s. Nintendo headquarters remain in Kyoto until today.

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